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Sisters of Glory

Lois Walden on stage with Sisters of Glo

Sisters of Glory was put together by Lois Walden, who came with the name and concept, due to performing in a program entitled "Gospel Music: From the Church to the Charts", as part of thirteen-week series to benefit charity that started on April 25, 1994.


That was supposed to be the end of the Traveling Wilburys style all-female group, but they proved too popular to disband, so when Michael Lang (one of creators of Woodstock '94) invited the Sisters to open Sunday morning of the festival they reunited for a three-day event, which later attracted an estimated 350,000 music lovers. Among forty performers, the quintet stood on the North Stage on August 14, along with Sheryl Crow, and Salt-N-Pepa as only female performers at then 25th anniversary of the fest.


Later, after receiving a call from Pope John Paul II's people, the Sisters would give a papal performance on December 16 for the Pope's Christmas at the Vatican II concert in Rome, and signed a record deal.

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