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Lois Giving a Talk
“Language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. Language alone is meditation.” -Toni Morrison


When Lois began her teaching journey, our country and its classrooms functioned in a more cohesive manner.  Students attended high school wanting  to learn, with a dream of going to college and get out in the world to fulfill their dreams.  Students still have those same dreams, but they are harder to attain in 2019 than they were in 1998 due to the reduced funding in K-12 education and the shift in the economics of learning.

"I consider myself  blessed to be a Teaching Artist. I have worked with students and teachers in 41 states with The Acting Company, and just love teaching teenagers. They touch my heart."- Lois

Lois has lead workshops for teens in schools and libraries across the country and abroad for The Acting Company. In 2018 she added workshops for adults, which she has taught in community outreach programs on college campuses including Sarah Lawrence and Vassar College.

The Creative Self (Exploring the Creative Process)

Vassar College Lifelong Learning Institute
Fall 2
124 Raymond Ave., Box 160, Poughkeepsie, NY 12604

1:45 PM – 3:00 PM / Limit 16

Imagination is the gateway to the soul. Stimulating the imagination is life-affirming. Creativity
opens us up to our endless possibilities, no matter our age. Through the creative processes and
personal experience an individual can experience how every moment lived is a creative moment,
how every moment lived is an inspiration. When an individual explores their inner and outer
landscape, the exploration creates a deeper understanding of life. Through sound, movement,
process-oriented writing exercises, discussion, and active imagining one taps into their creative
self. The creative process taps into the infinite.

Bring writing materials and wear comfortable clothing.


What if You're Not Who You Think You Are?

When an individual explores his or her  inner  landscape,  the  exploration  creates  a deeper  understanding  of  life. 


The Creative Self

Through  varied  creative processes,  reflection, and  interpretation, participants can understand how every moment lived is a creative moment & how every moment is an inspiration. Through  process-oriented exercises, active imagining and personal journeying one changes his or her life by tapping into  their creative  impulses.  Through the creative  process  we  can  touch  that  which  is infinite in ourselves.

Participants should bring writing materials and wear comfortable clothing.

The  imagination  is  the  gateway  to  the  soul.  To stimulate  the  imagination  and  to  open  up  the channels of creativity is as important as anything else  in  a  person’s  life. 


All workshops can be adapted for teens or adults.

Each topic can be customized to suit your group.

Each is designed as an 8-week course, to take place, ideally, two times per week - but may be re-arranged to suit your requirements.

For more info and availability please contact me.

School Visit

“In 22 Years I’ve Never Seen Anything Quite Like It”

SECED, UK, 2013

When musician, writer and performer Lois Walden visited an inner city London school to engage with 24 shy and introverted students, Karen Sullivan was uncertain about the impact she would have. But the experience left her – and the students –mesmerized.

A small group of 24 students is gathered in the library at George Green’s School on the Isle of Dogs. After a period of fiddling with hair, averted gazes, rustling and whispering, their attention is caught by the tiny, tousle-haired American woman in the centre of the room.

Her energy is dynamic and pervasive, and she is asking them to provide her with a definition of feeling. Read more.

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